How do you believe you can use technology in an ethical manner in a classroom?

In considering technology used ethically in a classroom, it is important to remember that it is rare that all students will be technologically savvy. In regards to technology before considering the students heritage, ethnicity, sex, financial background, or anything else for that matter the teacher must understand that some students will excel in the area of technology while others will struggle. To begin I would try to understand each students individual capacity for learning, and understanding new means of technology. Once I feel I have fairly assessed the class’s abilities, and the areas they have difficulties with I can begin to push their knowledge of the technology further. While teaching the students to use the new technology I will remember that each student learns at a different pace. While some will pick up the new lessons quick and outshine the rest of the class, some will require more attention. In the situation where students require extra attention patience is key. There is nothing more discouraging to a young student than a teacher that gives up, or becomes frustrated at the little progress a student is making. On the other hand if a teacher can remain patient he/she can slowly bring that student up to speed, and allow them to perform on the same level as the rest of the class.


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