Ethical use of technology in the classroom

After spending time viewing the effects of  copyright laws, and the state of ethics in regards to technology in classroom my view has been altered. I learned that not only does ethics mean the way the students handle technology, it also means the way that technology is handled by students and teachers. When teachers and students use sound, video, pictures, words, or anything that has a copyright held by someone else without giving them credit, they are stealing from the original owner. When I am an educator I will make sure that when using sources in my classroom, I give as much credit as is due to the original owner of the resource. furthermore I will make sure my students are knowledgeable about the various copyright laws, and how to apply them to their individual projects before they begin work. In order to educate students I will prepare short lessons that educate them on why copyright infringement is illegal and immoral. for the first lesson I would give the kids I would have each of the draw a picture. Shortly after I would pick out one of the pictures and claim it as my drawing. The student would protest and I would explain that when they copy and paste images without citing the owner they are doing the same thing. The second way I would teach the students about copyright is by simply letting them know the laws, and even potential punishments for using copy righted material without the owners consent, or properly citing the owner. It is important to educate the next generations on copyright laws so as to keep order in the area of copyright laws. The best way to lead is by example, the path to preserving copy rights starts with the teachers in the classrooms.


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