Communication with Students

As a teacher in a classroom setting the most important individuals you will be talking to are the students. There are three tools for communicating with students that I feel are essential for this interaction between teacher and student. It is important for students to be able to track their grades so they can keep up with classes, and know how they are doing as soon as their grades have been submitted. It is for this reason students should be able to access their grades from an external website. One example of a website like this is edline which is used by the palm beach county school district. This site allows both parents and teachers to look at grades, and monitor classroom progress. The second way teachers can communicate with students is to send home letters intended for them, and if necessary their parents. These letters would contain information pertinent to what is happening within the students classroom. The final way that students and teachers can communicate is through out of class pre-assesments. These pre-assesments will help gauge where the students are at academically as well as determine where their interests are. In building lessons I feel it is important to have an understanding of the students current knowledge, as well as their interest with any given subject.


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