Communication with Parents

There are several ways to communicate with parents outside of today’s classroom using both new and old technologies. One way of reaching parents is through emails. These can contain information including but certainly not limited to student progress in classes, student behavior updates, information about the school that requires their participation, events that have taken place in class, and positive information regarding something substantial their child has achieved. Another way ot reach parents that has been used since long before email is the parent teacher phone call. Often if a teacher needs to reach a parent immediately they would prefer to call and get in touch with them. If they have information concerning the health of the child, or if the child has acted out severely, or in order to quickly set up a meeting a phone call from teacher to parents may be required. A final way that teachers can communicate with parents is through letters either sent home with the student, or sent by mail. This seems the most inefficient way to communicate with parents because the mail is a delayed process, and the letters sent home with children don’t have a good chance of making it home.


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